Civil inspector


The resource where you can learn and where are spent on local budgets, but not whole and in detail, in every school, kindergarten or road or municipal institution.

Who did it?

Social Inspector is a project of the NGO "Civic Platform control" the Fund "Eastern Europe" and IT-volunteers from v-jet.

For what?

We want to make the world better, and Ukrainian in this world feel themselves good in their own town or village and like real owners, spending their money wisely.

Why all this? Money stolen officials still!

Transparency and accountability - is the most effective components of the fight against corruption. We publish how money spent and thus provide transparency to the process and get you through the complaint mechanism and provide subordination comments relevant officials.

Are budgets of all communities on one site?

We are starting a project in Dnipropetrovsk - our hometown and we will gradually add new community.